new treat at an old favorite

It's been a while since I've extolled the delicious virtues of the offerings at Shuya Cafe de Ramen in Astoria, Queens. Please forgive me that indiscretion and make sure that you try Shuya today. (If you're worried about not being able to do their ramen justice by finishing a bowl, don't worry--now, they have different sizes, small and regular, which are roughly half a bowl, and a full bowl, respectively. Also, they now accept credit cards with a minimum order of $10.) 

shiny. pretty. must have it now. 

shiny. pretty. must have it now. 

I stopped in the other day and tried the small version of my beloved veggie ramen, and was thrilled to realize that I had room to finally try one of their desserts. I went for the mango patbingsoo. It was my first time trying shaved ice anywhere--I know, I know, I've been hiding under a rock--and I'm glad that I tried it at Shuya. 

The patbingsoo was delicious, light, and refreshing. It was like eating freshly fallen snow, only with smoothly sweet tropical flavors, and creamy vanilla ice cream on top. (Read: if the creators of "Lost" had decided to make a texturally confusing, but amazing and unique dessert, it probably would have been something like patbingsoo.) 

They have a few other flavors, too, so try them and let me know what you think!